We specialize in expanding the availability of high-quality hyperbaric therapy. We manufacture medium pressure hyperbaric chambers, with high therapeutic efficiency. They are safe, accessible, easy to install and operate. They can work in any hospital or medical facility, clinic or private practice.

In addition, we offer medical, scientific, technical and commercial training and support. Through our global online management software, the network members have access to all the necessary information to operate their center or Hyperbaric Medicine Unit efficiently and profitably.

Biobarica has a network of treatment centers and multidisciplinary professionals that aim to develop hyperbaric medicine with high-quality standards in equipment and services around the world.

Acquiring a Biobarica system is an opportunity to provide a differential service and incorporate technology into your professional practice, improving the health of your patients with sustainable commercial criteria.


Promote and communicate Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy to healthcare professionals so that patients can benefit from a highly efficient, safe, and non-invasive treatment.