Innovating Hyperbaric Medicine

We are a company specialized in the manufacture and distribution of medium pressure Hyperbaric Chambers that aims to develop Hyperbaric Medicine with high quality standards in equipment and services around the world.

Biobarica Medical Hyperbaric Solutions

In order to further develop Hyperbaric Medicine and expand the availability of treatment worldwide, Biobarica developed the first medium-pressure Hyperbaric Chamber on the market.

Our medical devices are therapeutically efficient, safe, and can be easily installed in any space that meets the requirements of medical activity.

Biobarica provides a comprehensive and cost-effective treatment system that will allow you to enhance your professional practice with the objective of providing your patients with a safe and non-invasive therapy.

Join us into the future of Hyperbaric Medicine.



To promote and disseminate Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy among health professionals in order to make it a real possibility for all those patients who need it.



To be a leading specialist in Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy and to provide all medical institutions with a treatment system of high therapeutic efficiency.

Our values

Global vision
We work to expand the availability of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy in the world. We offer professionals high quality Hyperbaric Chambers to contribute to the treatment of their patients.
Medical ethics
We act according to universal ethical and medical principles to guarantee patients a safe, non-invasive and beneficial treatment for different pathologies.
Customer focus
We aim to understand our clients' needs and meet their expectations, build trust and add value to their professional practice.
Results oriented
We incorporate Hyperbaric Chambers of high therapeutic efficiency and internationally certified. We support with scientific evidence the use of our medical devices in Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy to guarantee optimal results.
We seek to improve ourselves day by day to achieve the best results for health professionals and patients. Always with a clear objective of being leaders in high quality Hyperbaric Therapy.
Our work philosophy and our commitment are fundamental. We promote harmony, organization and cooperation among each member of the Biobarica network to achieve our common goals.
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