New Treatment Center in Palm Beach

January 16, 2023


1m 33s


Continuing with its expansion in the US, Biobarica Hyperbaric Solutions added a new Hyperbaric Unit in Florida with Dr. Tenembaum, a renowned physical therapist from Miami.

For more than a decade, Biobarica has been working to spread the word about Hyperbaric Oxygenation Treatment and make it a real possibility and accessible for everyone who needs it. Currently, Biobarica has more than 700 units worldwide in this opportunity, welcomes "Tenenbaum and Sullivan, Inc" Physical Therapy Provider to its Network of Centers. The center directed by Dr. Tenenbaum specializes in physical therapy and offers treatment and physical rehabilitation to diagnose, prevent and treat symptoms of multiple pathologies, both acute and chronic. 

"My interest in hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) began a year ago, our clientele asked about its benefits and expressed the desire to try it," mentions the center's director. HBOT generates strong hyperoxia due to the action of high concentrations of oxygen breathed through a mask in a pressurized environment. This hyperoxia plays a vital role in the treatment of various pathologies because it triggers multiple physiological effects, such as angiogenesis, regulation of oxidative stress and inflammatory response, stimulation and synthesis of collagen, and increased cerebral blood flow with increased cognitive functions. "There is great scientific evidence to support the benefits of the therapy both for the body and for treating a variety of brain-related neurological conditions," he expressed. 

On the other hand, he emphasized that the benefit of medium pressure "results in a safe, effective therapy without any risk of intoxication, a point highlighted by my patients. Currently, we use it to complement our physical rehabilitation, wellness and sports recovery programs, post-surgery, and treat neurological conditions".

Regarding the choice of medical device,  Biobarica with the Revitalair 430 System, stood out among its competitors for having the only fully integrated Hyperbaric Treatment System on the market that has exclusive software for all Network members. "The experience of purchasing the device was excellent. Informative, educational, no pressure and support from the medical and sales team. The delivery was professional and fast.  They provided me with all the information I needed for operations and promotion of the service." 

Dr. Tenenbaum concluded the interview by saying: "I am very pleased with the purchase of the hyperbaric chambers, they have been a welcome addition to my clients and referring physicians for treatment."