New center of attention in Costa Rica

June 3, 2022


1m 40s


Dr. Alicia Marin specialized in biological medicine, share with us her experience using the hyperbaric chamber.

Biobaria network continues to expand around the world and adds a new center in Costa Rica. Located in San José city, Dr.Marin Clinic specialized in functional and precise medicine, acquired the hyperbaric chamber with Revitalair technology to provide her patients a non-invasive therapy. The director of the center expressed that her objective is to: “offer real solutions and not only cover up the symptom, we want to attack the cause of pain. So, we're always looking for multifaceted tools that are safe, effective, and scientifically proven. Since oxygenation is essential for all organs and can improve all diseases, we felt it was essential to have a hyperbaric chamber in our center". 

Also, she highlighted the progress of her patients, mainly those who had neuropathies, prolonged covid, and ulcers. In this last case, hyperbaric oxygen therapy accelerates healing and promotes rapid regeneration of the affected tissues by increasing cellular activity. On the other hand, it enhances the effect of antimicrobials, reduces pain and inflammation, and, in more complex cases, reduces the degree of amputation. 

In neurological pathologies, hyperbaric oxygen increases the brain blood flow, decreases the recovery time, and, especially, prevents new episodes. Dr. Marin mentioned the case of one patient who presented a neuropathy that he had not been able to treat or alleviate with other methods. The hyperbaric treatment succeeded not only in improving the condition but also in reducing the episodes to zero.

In addition to the effectiveness of the treatment, Dr. Alicia highlighted that one of the reasons why she chose to join the Biobarica Network was because of its quality in terms of post-sales support: "Biobarica provides a lot of support and promotional material, as well as scientific, technical, operational and commercial support that other companies do not provide. This helps us a lot because it lets us see the reliability, support, and research behind the medical device. It makes me proud to be part of the team because we feel the support of being in this worldwide network of colleagues who work with the chamber. It has fulfilled our expectations”. The Biobarica system not only includes the hyperbaric chamber, but also an online management software that provides all the members of the network with training, research, maintenance, chamber monitoring, certifications,  appointment system that will allow them to condense all the information of their patients in a single platform and personalized attention 24 hours a day.