A new center of hyperbaric treatment in Philadelphia

March 28, 2022


1m 17s


Magaly Center chooses hyperbaric medicine to enhance the post-surgical, reduce inflammation and lessen the recovery times of their patients.

Biobarica Hyperbaric Solutions continues to expand around the United States and opens a new center in the state of Pennsylvania. Located at 6406 Castor Avenue and a trajectory of 16 years, Magaly Center specialized in post-surgical care and Wellness treatments. The center has customized programs according to the patient's requirements and its services go from anti-inflammatory to anti-aging treatments.

Alida, director of the center, expressed her motivation to acquire the hyperbaric oxygen treatment in her services:” As pioneers in post-surgical care, we decided to add the hyperbaric chamber because it helps our patients get better faster.”

The post-surgical is a determinant phrase because, the success of the surgery, depends on the post cares. If the patient doesn´t receive appropriate care his case could be even worse before the surgery.

The hyperbaric treatment (HBOT) as a coadjuvant therapy it's helpful and safe to treat not only injuries but also to speed up recovery times.

The HBOT is capable of preventing and treating infections improving the local immune response. Several investigations prove that hyperbaric oxygen, combined with antibiotics and removal of dead tissue, can be an effective treatment for severe soft tissue infections.

Also, the recovery times are shorter due to the correction of the hypoxia, the collagen stimulation and the production of new blood vessels. In addition, it promotes tissue regeneration and increases fibroblast proliferation.

In surgeries that require implants and/or flaps, hyperbaric treatment avoids ischemia-reperfusion damage, and in patients who show signs of necrosis, the therapy has an absolute indication.

The hyperbaric chamber is a great ally for those patients who are in the post-surgical period and want to reduce recovery time, promote wound healing, and prevent infection.

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