Texas adds a new center

September 28, 2022


1m 48s


Innovative Medical Research of Texas, a center located in Houston, has incorporated hyperbaric oxygen therapy into its medical practice. 

Biobarica Hyperbaric Solutions continues with its mission to expand hyperbaric oxygen therapy worldwide and, on this occasion, added a new unit in the United States. Revitalair hyperbaric chambers have gained significant relevance in the US market thanks to their differential characteristics and high-end technology, unique in the sector. 

The Biobarica Treatment System provides not only hyperbaric chambers but also an online management system that will allow you to enhance your center or medical institution. The Biobarica Global System (BGS) has different tools that will enable you to centralize all the information about the treatment of your patients, from the moment they contact the center until the end of the sessions. The platform has an Appointment System, Telemedicine, medical, commercial and operational training, a scientific library, Hipermed and CRM for patients. It will also have a large amount of downloadable material to share on social networks and inform patients about hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

María Hernandez, director of Innovative Medical Research of Texas, highlighted that one of the differential elements when acquiring the camera was the BGS: "We are pleased to have at our disposal a quality platform, its tools are very valuable and we highlight the fact of having the option of using it in English and Spanish because, although we are in the United States, we have a large Hispanic population to whom we want to communicate the benefits of hyperbaric oxygenation therapy".

The Revitalair 430 hyperbaric chambers work at a pressure of 1.45 ATA and are internationally certified as medical devices by the most important institutions, such as FDA, CE and ANMAT. Among the benefits of medium pressure, the fact that it does not require a specialized operator or high maintenance costs stands out. On the other hand, the treatment is therapeutically safe for the patient since there is no risk of toxicity. 

The maintenance of the chamber is simple and can be easily performed by the operator, inside the BGS software you will find the maintenance guide that details how to perform each task correctly and an alert system that will notify you when each task should be performed.

The differential characteristics of our hyperbaric treatment system are what motivate our customers to become part of the largest hyperbaric medicine network: "When we decided to buy a hyperbaric chamber we were doing a really exhaustive search to find the device that would meet our expectations in terms of quality, safety and ease of operation of the chamber. Biobarica met our expectations 100% and we are very happy to be able to contribute to the development and diffusion of hyperbaric treatment".