Recovery House Mexico: Innovation in Hyperbaric Oxygen Rehabilitation

November 7, 2023


1m 47s


Located in the city of Guadalajara, Recovery House is a postoperative recovery center that has recently integrated hyperbaric therapy into its protocols, designed exclusively for patients who have undergone surgery.


After surgery, patients' recovery is essential to ensure the success of the procedure and their long-term wellness. During this stage, postoperative care is vital in preventing complications and promoting healing and patient comfort. 


It is in this context that Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) has emerged as a valuable ally, as it not only accelerates recovery and relieves pain, but also strengthens the patient's immune system, which is crucial at a time when immunity may be compromised. Comprehensive care and proper post-surgical care, along with therapeutic options such as HBOT, contribute to a faster and more successful recovery, allowing patients to resume their quality of life more efficiently and comfortably.


The Recovery House team, under the direction of Ricardo Aguirre, is a leader in postsurgical care and attention. To continue to improve their rehabilitation programs, they have decided to incorporate Biobarica's Hyperbaric Treatment System: "We have been using the hyperbaric chamber service for 8 years and we thought it was time to acquire one and be able to provide this therapy to all the patients staying at our recovery house".


The center's director emphasized that Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is an ideal therapeutic approach to treat post-surgical cases due to its multiple benefits. In particular, its ability to accelerate wound healing and prevent and treat infections makes it an essential tool in the recovery of patients. Exposure to elevated oxygen levels in a hyperbaric chamber significantly increases the amount of dissolved oxygen in the blood, which is essential for energy production in cells and the repair of damaged tissues. This process not only promotes faster and more effective healing of surgical wounds but also strengthens the patient's immune system, making them more resistant to infection and postoperative complications.


On the other hand, the ease of operating the equipment was a decisive point. Aguirre adds: "The experience in acquiring the equipment was very satisfactory, the attention was excellent and the delivery times were extremely fast. But, above all, the easy handling of the chamber stood out in comparison with other models on the market that require specialized operators". The unique Hyperbaric Treatment System offered by Biobarica can be operated by anyone with the training and support provided through their online management system, BGS.


The incorporation of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy into Recovery House's recovery protocols has enhanced its medical protocols and has been a significant step towards more complete and effective medical care for postoperative patients, thus achieving a much faster and more comfortable rehabilitation.