New care center in Chile

April 12, 2023


1m 56s


Unibaros is the first hyperbaric medicine clinic in La Reina that uses Revitalair hyperbaric chambers and offers an effective and non-invasive treatment with cutting-edge devices

Located in the city of Santiago de Chile and directed by surgeon Luis Estrada, Unibaros offers its patients a safe, effective and non-invasive hyperbaric oxygen treatment. "The idea of forming the company was born in 2021, motivated by the need to offer health services with a comprehensive approach in the rehabilitation process of patients, using innovative techniques such as the use of hyperbaric chambers," says the director of the center. Hyperbaric treatment is a therapy that consists of administering oxygen to the patient in a pressurized chamber, which increases the amount of oxygen that the body can absorb and transport to the affected tissues. Hyperbaric oxygen has been shown to be effective in the treatment of a variety of conditions, including chronic wounds, infections and neurological diseases. One of the key benefits of hyperbaric treatment is that it can approach the patient comprehensively, treating not only the specific condition but also improving other processes that can affect recovery. Not only will the patient's pathology be treated, but also all the functions of the organism that are not developing correctly will be corrected.

Treatment with Revitalair hyperbaric chambers is performed at 1.45 atmospheres, a safe and therapeutically effective pressure. Unlike other medical devices, these chambers pressurize with circulating ambient air and oxygen is administered with a mask, so there is no risk of interference with different types of textile or therapeutic materials that have metals in their composition. In addition, it has a triple safety system that acts sequentially to avoid any failure or bad operation by the user and top-quality materials that allow it to withstand pressures several times higher than the normal working pressure.

On the other hand, it is certified as a medical device by the most important organizations such as FDA, CE and COFEPRIS.

Regarding the acquisition of the cameras, Dr. Estrada said: "The negotiation process was totally satisfactory, from the initial conversations with the brand's representative in the country to the installation of the devices in the center, so we are very pleased to have acquired the cameras. We are currently treating patients in the process of rehabilitation or treatment of osteoarticular pathologies, neurological rehabilitation and as an adjuvant in the management of chronic pain. All of them have presented satisfactory evolution without adverse events. Undoubtedly, hyperbaric oxygen therapy is presented as a great alternative to treat multiple pathologies in a non-invasive way, with systemic, effective and safe effects". From Biobarica, we believe that it is essential that more health professionals add hyperbaric oxygen to their medical practice as it is a valuable tool in the comprehensive approach to patient recovery because it improves oxygenation and stimulates biological processes that favor the repair and regeneration of affected tissues.