Hyperbaric Medicine Symposium

October 2, 2017




Colorado was the venue of the 12th International Hyperbaric Symposium of the International Hyperbaric Medicine Association. With more than 12 countries present, the event focused on advances in hyperbaric medicine in the 21st century.

The three-day conference was filled with a brilliant and diverse group of cutting-edge hyperbaric professionals, academic researchers, all eager to share their latest work and findings with hungry participants.

There was plenty of time to work on making contacts, sharing and absorbing with other attendees. All this, together with more than 25 free exhibitors, made HBOT2018 a conference to value and remember.

Our CEO, Claudio Teler, and our Medical-Commercial Liaison, Fabrizio Verdini, were present at the symposium in which not only did we have the stand, but we also managed to talk with great exponents of hyperbaric medicine such as Tino Balestra. With this, we acquire new knowledge that we will apply in BioBarica.