Hyperbaric Chamber Treatment: an effective and wide-range therapy

April 12, 2021


3m 52s


More and more public and private health care professionals are recognizing the benefits of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy and incorporating the hyperbaric chamber into their practice. Medical doctors with different specialties from several countries share their experience indicating this safe and non-invasive treatment.

In recent years there has been a boom in non-invasive and efficient therapies for different pathologies. This is because more and more patients are asking for treatments that do not involve interventions.

Doctors are investigating how to treat different conditions in this way. One of the most widely used treatments worldwide is Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT), which is characterized by being very effective in shortening recovery times and alleviating symptoms.

"Hyperbaric oxygenation is a medical treatment that consists of increasing the volume of oxygen dissolved in the blood. The patient enters the Hyperbaric Chamber and through a mask breathes high concentrations of oxygen at a pressure higher than normal atmospheric pressure. This generates strong hyperoxia that is very beneficial for different pathologies related to pain, wounds, and rehabilitation," explains Dr. Mariana Cannellotto, medical director of Biobarica.

Hyperbaric therapy has different physiological effects that are applied to different pathologies. These include: accelerates healing, enhances bactericidal and anti-microbial activity; reduces oxidative stress; generates vasoconstriction; promotes angiogenesis, osteogenesis, and collagen synthesis; increases blood flow and neuroprotection; stimulates axonal and peripheral regeneration and the production of stem cells, which is essential for tissue repair. It also acts against inflammation and pain, including the pain of neuropathic origin.

Paul Harch, a renowned hyperbaric physician who uses medium pressures for neurological indications, said: "Hyperbaric oxygenation is the only therapy that directly treats the underlying disease processes in wounds, lack of oxygen, decreased blood flow, swelling, vasoconstriction, acidosis, and anaerobic metabolism.

The Israeli researcher Shai Efrati said that brain imaging studies of healthy people over the age of 75 show impairment associated with memory loss, concentration, and cognitive impairment. In these cases, hyperbaric oxygen has been shown to help generate new blood vessels that slow the damage to aging's cognitive functions.  For people with neurological injuries, it has been observed that, after hyperbaric treatment, the affected brain tissue is rejuvenated, which generates changes even in daily activities.

A medical device that improves the effectiveness of outcomes in healthcare institutions

Biobarica is one of the leading companies in high-quality oxygen therapy. It currently has more than 600 centers in 35 countries where 150,000 patients with different pathologies have been treated. These centers, which operate in hospitals and private practices, provide experience to a network of professionals who are increasingly using this technology.

Dr. Carlos Carrer, a specialist in Regenerative Medicine and Cell Therapy, belongs to the network and has been using the hyperbaric chamber in Argentina since 2017: "I especially highlight the cases in which we realize the true power of oxygen as the only molecule capable of generating life and energy at the cellular level. This is particularly evident in gangrenous ulcer lesions where we have had excellent results," he says.

Like many doctors, he currently recommends hyperbaric oxygen therapy for ulcers, fibromyalgia, Parkinson's disease, arthritis and osteoarthritis, muscle and ligament injuries, sleep apnoea, radiation injuries in cancer patients, among others. This treatment is easy to apply, as it has no adverse effects and is carried out in sessions that allow patients to relax and rest. For this reason, it is a therapy with a high rate of success and acceptance.

The Spanish oncologist Dr. Elías López says: "In our experience, Hyperbaric Medicine makes radiotherapy treatment more effective because hyperoxia makes the radiation more sensitive, so we see greater effects on the patient. In addition, it has an anti-inflammatory effect and does not generate toxicities".

While most doctors use the hyperbaric chamber for the treatment of specific pathologies, its use improves medical care in several ways, such as reducing recovery times and alleviating secondary symptoms in patients. It is a highly effective tool with wide scientific evidence.

"Having a hyperbaric chamber has meant a huge change for our center. We have seen huge improvements in patients who have suffered injuries and we have much shorter times in post-surgical processes. We can give real testimony of the changes seen in physiotherapy and other specialties," adds Alejandro Herrera, a professional at the Fisiosport San José clinic in Costa Rica.

Recently, doctors have started to use Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy in Post-Covid sequelae. In these cases, Hyperbaric Therapy has a potent anti-inflammatory effect that can reverse cardiac and/or pulmonary fibrosis and inflammation and improve hypoxemia even after the infection has resolved. Moreover, the increased neuroplasticity achieved with hyperbaric oxygen is useful in the rehabilitation of neurological sequelae.

Incorporating a Hyperbaric Medicine Unit into medical practice

Unlike the rigid high-pressure equipment traditionally used, Revitalair hyperbaric chambers are easy to install and operate by anyone with the appropriate training. They can be placed in doctors' offices, clinics, or hospitals without any technical or therapeutic risk. In addition, they are certified by the most important regulatory institutions, such as ANMAT, CE, and FDA.

Biobarica provides software infrastructure, data analysis, and support tools that help healthcare professionals improve their processes and better manage their medical records. In addition, it provides training and ongoing medical-scientific, technical, and commercial support to operate a Hyperbaric Medicine Unit efficiently and cost-effectively.

"Our Hyperbaric Treatment System is an excellent tool to improve recovery processes. In the network we have a resolution rate of 85% and therefore I believe that the more professionals use the hyperbaric chamber, the more patients will benefit from this treatment," concludes Dr. Mariana Cannellotto.

Well-known media as the newspaper La Nacion has spread the different benefits of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy. For these reasons, Biobarica is internationally recognized as the leading company in high-quality Hyperbaric Treatment.