Clinical trial of Fibromyalgia

August 24, 2017


1m 15s


The study is part of the collaboration agreement recently signed by the Universitat de València, Fundación FIVAN and BioBarica.

In recent years, there have been increasing scientific publications that seek to find a solution or treatment for muscle pain and fatigue suffered by people with Fibromyalgia. "This clinical trial is, for the first time, the comprehensive and comparative study of different treatments to 54 women who suffer from the disease, with the intention of finding neurophysiological markers that help us to focus on the diagnosis and therapy of each person," says Dr. Chirivella, President of the FIVAN Foundation.

According to the main researcher, Ruth Izquierdo, "the general objective is to study the effect on pain that has the use of different therapeutic tools whose physiological basis differs from each other; physical exercise as an element of maintenance and improvement of physical condition, hyperbaric medicine that seeks changes in biochemistry or transcranial magnetic stimulation, as a tool to produce changes at the central nervous system".

For the trials it was selected the hyperbaric chamber of medium pressure BioBarica (reference in public and private hospitals in Spain) for being non-invasive and without adverse effects.

Dr. Delfina Romero Feris, medical director of BioBarica, states that "the hyperbaric chamber is very useful to treat patients with fibromyalgia because, by increasing intracellular oxygenation to the level of the mitochondria, better energy is produced and, by anti-inflammatory effect of reduction of edema and congestion, pain is greatly relieved, making the hyperbaric chamber a good complement for this pathology thus improving the quality of life of the patient”.

Last October the research project entitled Study of the effectiveness of transcranial magnetic stimulation and hyperbaric chamber in women with Fibromyalgia was approved by the Human Research Ethics Committee of the Universitat de València. It is a randomized clinical trial that meets the requirements in the field of biomedical research.