Biobarica is presented in the most important exhibitions in the USA

March 10, 2022


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Biobarica participated in the 29th edition of the most important congress of Anti-Aging Medicine worldwide. The event took place in Las Vegas on the 10 to 12 of December 2021, in one of the biggest hotels in the city.

The congress organized by the, Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine was focused on functional and integrative medicine and had 400 exhibitors. It was estimated an amount of 6.000 visitors, including doctors, investigators, students, and businessmen. The talks had a great convocation and the visitors could choose between more than 150 conferences related to the latest topics about Anti-Aging Medicine.

In addition to the general schedule, the organizers made 4  intensive educational programs that offered certification in advanced endocrinology, cardiology, systems biology, and peptide therapeutics. 

During the 3 days of exposition, Claudio CEO of Biobarica, Ivo Teler, co-founder and Fabrizio Verdini, the Medical-Commercial Liaison, were in charge of spreading the contributions that Hyperbaric Oxygenation Treatment can offer to Anti-Aging Medicine.

The success of the event was resounding, as same as the American Physical Therapy Association which took place in San Antonio, one of the biggest cities in the south of Texas.

The exposition was from 2 to 5 of February and 350 exhibitors were presented, each of them was divided into sections depending on their specialty. Biobarica was, not only in Health and Fitness section, but also in Wounds and Skin Care.

There were more than 230 speakers from different countries, activities, and more than 100 talks. The most interesting thing was that all the conferences were recorded, so the people who couldn't attend had the possibility to see them online.  

To see a summary of the exhibition click here.

Biobarica continues with the labor of disseminating all the benefits of hyperbaric medicine around the world and they will present in more fairs soon.