Biobarica Hyperbaric Solutions adds a new center in the United States

April 13, 2022


1m 32s


Victor Longoria, the renowned naturopathic doctor from the State of California, adds a new Hyperbaric Chamber with Revitalair Technology to his center.

Medicine, as well as hyperbaric oxygen treatment, has been developing for so many years and its fundamental pillar is to focus its practice on techniques and medicines less aggressive to their patients. That's why hyperbaric medicine has a special interest to the professionals who choose non-invasive methods. Victor Longoria, the owner of one of the most important centers in California, treats all the pathologies of his patients in a natural way and recently, he decided to add a hyperbaric chamber to use all the benefits of oxygen

Victor highlights that “ hyperbaric chamber Revitalair 430 has a great flexibility, not only for its material but also to be installed because it doesn´t need major requirements” and its design can adapt to the necessities of the patient and the professionals. Also, he mentioned the guarantee and the approval of the U.S. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) was essential to incorporating a new medical device to his center.

In another hand, he shared the advance of his patients and highlighted the case of a 35 years old woman who had diary episodes of severe migraine for many years. First, it was prescribed 10 hyperbaric chamber sessions at a pressure of 1.45 ATA and they noticed changes since the first one.

At the end of the sessions, the patient realized that not only did the treatment reduce the frequency of the episodes to zero but also improved the appearance of her skin. Currently, she is doing 10 extra sessions to keep improving the aspect and health of her skin. 

Dr. Longoria ended the interview by commenting that he is working on an investigation about telomeres and the use of hyperbaric oxygenation to delay cellular aging. Many health professionals rely on hyperbaric medicine to improve cellular function, promote stem cell generation and prevent premature telomere shortening. In 2020 the University of Israel published the first paper about it, their study had the objective to evaluate how HBOT affects telomere longevity in older adults without limiting functional diseases. Although the results were highly positive, it is important to continue deepening these investigations in order to take advantage of all the benefits of hyperbaric oxygen.