Hyperoxia: an effective mechanism of medium-pressure hyperbaric therapy

January 19, 2024


1m 35s


Dr. Cannellotto, Dr. Yasells, and Dr. Landa have conducted research that delves into the specific mechanisms of Hyperbaric Medium Pressure Hyperbaric Treatment (HBOT), highlighting its ability to generate hyperoxia.

Hyperoxia, characterized by a significant increase in oxygen concentration in the blood, is an essential component in the context of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT). This treatment, recognized for its capacity to increase the proportion of dissolved oxygen in the blood, has been the object of analysis of the research developed by Dr. Cannellotto, Dr. Yasells, and Dr. Landa.


In their most recent work, they have focused on clarifying the underlying mechanisms of medium-pressure HBOT, highlighting the generation of hyperoxia as a central element in its therapeutic effects. According to their findings, the oxygen provided by this therapy is specifically targeted to the mitochondria, considered the epicenter of the benefits associated with hyperbaric oxygen. Upon entering the mitochondria, this oxygen not only reverses tissue hypoxia but also activates the electron transport chain, generating essential energy for cellular functions.


The most interesting highlight of this research is that intermittent HBOT, under the cellular gaze, simulates relative hypoxia, inducing key cellular responses. Activation of the HIF-1α pathway triggers processes such as angiogenesis and inflammation, among others, which are essential for the treatment of various pathologies.


This scientific review presents solid evidence supporting the idea that using Hyperbaric Oxygen at medium pressure generates hyperoxia and activates crucial cellular pathways to obtain the desired therapeutic effects. These findings open the door to new opportunities for direct or adjuvant treatment in various pathologies, suggesting the possibility of transformative therapeutic advances in the future and the application of new medical protocols that are more effective and less invasive for the patient.


From Biobarica, we emphasize the importance of scientific research in the evolution of medical treatments and that is why our team of professionals is constantly working to continue to deepen the benefits of Hyperbaric Oxygen.

These discoveries offer a deeper understanding of the underlying mechanisms of HBOT and allow health professionals to explore and apply this therapy more effectively.


The research of this team of professionals not only contributes to scientific knowledge but also has a significant impact on improving the quality of life of patients. Biobarica is proud to support innovative research that will lead the way to therapeutic breakthroughs that transform medical practice.


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