New unit of treatment in the United States

July 1, 2022


1m 34s


Carolina Eye Center & Med, located in the state of North Carolina, added a hyperbaric chamber to its medical practice. 

With a trajectory of 15 years, Dr. Wesley D. Clement and his medical team decided to expand their clinic and add a new area specializing in hyperbaric treatment. They treat patients with pathologies that present wounds, pain, and inflammation and those that require rehabilitation. The physiological effects it produces in the body make hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) incredibly beneficial for a wide range of applications. HBOT has a broad therapeutic range due to the positive changes it induces in several key systems; especially the circulatory, immune, and regenerative systems. Dr. Clement mentioned that when he met Biobarica he was "fascinated by its extreme organization and all the scientific evidence that proves the effectiveness of hyperbaric treatment. Also, their chambers are approved by FDA as a medical device so, for me, it was the same as buying a hyperbaric chamber in the United States."

The hyperbaric chambers with Revitalair technology work at medium pressure, which provides the patient with a highly effective treatment that doesn´t present the risks of those that work with high pressure, even the dose of oxygen provided at medium pressure gives in some cases a greater anti-inflammatory effect than the high-pressure chambers. For example, in cases of fibromyalgia, HBOT at 1.45 ATA produces better cell regeneration, reducing inflammation and achieving a rapid regeneration of tissues. It is also able to reduce muscle fatigue and pain by increasing blood flow to the central nervous system. In cases of rehabilitation, both physical and neurological, hyperbaric oxygen benefits axonal elongation, avoids future episodes and accelerates recovery times. 

On the other hand, Dr. Wesley highlighted the ease of operating the chamber and the advice from the commercial team: "I am delighted with how easy it is to operate the chamber and I was even more satisfied with the personalized assistance of the entire Biobarica Hyperbaric Solutions team and their experience in treating various pathologies. I have performed several treatment sessions and recommend them without hesitation." The Biobaric System provides the client with a series of tools to optimize the use of their chambers such as training, a monitoring system, a maintenance area, certifications, and a library with more than 500 papers with scientific evidence that supports the effectiveness of hyperbaric oxygenation therapy.