New Hyperbaric Oxygen Center in Mexico

August 10, 2023


1m 24s


The city of Tampico has a new unit of attention and offers an effective and non-invasive treatment with cutting-edge devices.


In her constant search to provide innovative and effective treatments to her patients, Dr. Daniela Navarro has achieved excellent results with the different protocols she has developed in her medical center during the last 15 years. A few months ago, they decided to go a step further and acquire our Hyperbaric Treatment System, which has led to a significant increase in the effectiveness of their protocols.

Hyperbaric oxygen treatment at medium pressure has been chosen by many medical professionals due to its extensive scientific evidence. It proves that hyperbaric oxygen has a high therapeutic efficacy, is safe for the patient and has no adverse effects. Its benefits include its ability to reduce rehabilitation times, heal wounds, prevent infections and reduce both pain and inflammation. The center's director, who has been involved in the practice of hyperbaric medicine for more than a decade, shared her motivation for incorporating the hyperbaric chamber in her medical institution: "I was motivated by seeing the excellent results in our patients through hyperbaric oxygen treatments, a fast, reliable, progressive evolution without any side effects".

Among the pathologies successfully treated at the center are osteoarticular conditions involving pain and inflammation, vascular diseases, ulcers and burns. In addition, post-surgical patients and those receiving oncological medicine after chemotherapy and radiotherapy are also treated. Patients have experienced an optimization of physiological functions, which has led to more effective results and an improvement in their quality of life.

With the implementation of hyperbaric oxygen, Medicina Hiperbarica Tampico has once again demonstrated its commitment to the well-being and health of its patients. The results obtained so far are a testimony of the excellence in its medical practice and the success of hyperbaric medicine as an effective and safe treatment for various pathologies. As the director of the center mentions: "The rapid, reliable and progressive evolution in our patients is undeniable, and thanks to Biobarica we have managed to reach a new level of excellence in hyperbaric medicine".