New hyperbaric unit in Ecuador

May 11, 2022


1m 48s


Medical Cubacenter Clinic, located in Santo Domingo City, added a hyperbaric chamber to its medical practice.

Medical Cubacenter, a center specializing in traumatology, has successfully treated more than 70 patients with hyperbaric oxygen treatment (HBOT). The doctors of the center, Carlos Mario Sarmiento and Celina Risco have decided to acquire a hyperbaric chamber to enhance the recovery of their patients. They revised several proposals where they chose Biobarica Hyperbaric Solutions because “they met all perspectives regarding the patient's treatment and recovery”. Although the center is focused on treating post-surgical patients from traumatology surgery, they count a total of 30 specialties. These patients had an excellent recovery and the management highlighted: “the rapid progress of the recovery process in general thanks to the HBOT” 

In patients who are going through a post-surgical period, hyperbaric oxygen treatment is fundamental because reduces the recovery time, contributes to reducing the edema by modulation of cytokines and growth factors, corrects hypoxia, and promotes healing by participating in collagen production and stimulates both angiogenesis and vasculogenesis. Also, thanks to its antimicrobial effect, it treats and prevents infections. Infections usually appear during the first postoperative week and, if not treated as soon as possible, can seriously worsen the condition. Several trials prove the effectiveness of the hyperbaric treatment in post-surgical infection cases and conclude that it not only significantly decreases the re-infection rate but also enhances wound healing.

In the center they treat patients who suffer a cardiovascular accident, in these cases, the therapy achieves a decrease in brain damage and inflammation, regenerates nerve tissue, improves cognitive functions, and contributes to the recovery of motor functions. The work pressure of the chamber was an important point to acquire a medical device because they were looking for an effective but safe treatment. Some studies show that working at medium pressure generates better results rather than using high pressure. Efrati and cols. did a trial where they prove that, in neuronal pathologies,  work at lower pressures that 2 ATA  are more effective in both neuroplasticity and neuroinflammation, and postulate that HBOT at 1.45 ATA is successful in maintaining glucose levels necessary for optimal brain function. Also, work at medium pressure avoids the increment of the excitability at the nerve tissue level resulting in a therapeutically safe but highly effective treatment.

The center also highlights the importance of HBOT in renal patients due to “hyperbaric oxygen treatment, in conjunction with dialysis, improves the volume of oxygen in the blood plasma and improves perfusion".

The hyperbaric chamber is an ideal medical device to enhance the recovery of recently operated patients. The results in cases of trauma, brain injuries, and sequelae of different processes have proven to be very promising.