New center of attention in Costa Rica

May 3, 2022


1m 31s


Andrea Esquivel, respiratory therapist of Costa Rica, add to her center a hyperbaric chamber to help her patients to recover from Post-Covid sequelae.

Sequelae produced by the virus Sars Cov can include cardiac complications or renal problems to long-term respiratory problems. Generally, the last one usually occurs in most patients and requires rehabilitation in order to reverse the condition. Dr. Andrea, director of Terap, specializes in treating patients who suffer from acute diseases, chronics, or degenerative that compromise the respiratory system. After receiving various patients with post-covid sequelae, she decided to opt for hyperbaric medicine to give them an effective but non-invasive therapy.

Oxidative stress and inflammation produced by Covid 19 generate, among other symptoms, hypoxia, cell, and mitochondrial damage. Several trials have shown that the hyperbaric oxygen treatment (HBOT) produces noticeable improvements from the first session and increases ATP generation at the mitochondrial level, restores oxidative stress and reduces inflammation. In cases of pulmonary hypoxia, it was registered a decrease in dyspnea, chest pain, and faster recovery from hypoxemia. HBOT is also indicated when the patient is going through the disease because it improves significantly the clinical presentation, avoiding the necessity of mechanical breathing and reducing the risk of mortality.

Esquivel shared her experience with the hyperbaric chamber and highlighted:” It has been incredible the evolution of our patients, not only we have post-covid patients, but also we receive patients with other pathologies such as fibromyalgia, Parkinson, migraines, diabetic foot or ulcers, from the first session we can notice the improvement".

Recently, she treated a patient with a post-surgical wound, produced by colon cancer, that hadn't cicatrized, even though she was receiving regular healings. It was indicated 20 sessions of a hyperbaric chamber at 1,45 ATA and, in the end, the wound closed. In these cases, the HBOT generates an increase in collagen and consequently a reduction in healing times. In addition, the inflammation, edema, and pain are reduced. The formation of new blood vessels is stimulated and infections are prevented.

Dr. Andrea concluded the interview by expressing her happiness about acquiring a hyperbaric chamber for her medical practice: “I feel so proud to have this quality device in my clinic and I am sure this will serve as motivation for other colleagues."