New center in Egypt

August 10, 2017




BioBarica opened a new center in Egypt. Ibrahim Shehata, sales coordinator for the region, was present at the installation of the hyperbaric chamber and offered training to the staff that operates the unit in which an average of 10 patients are treated daily.

Hyperbaric chamber treatment is a non-invasive method that consists of supplying air and oxygen under pressure in a pressurized cabin at 1.4 atmospheres (ATM). The normal ambient atmospheric pressure is 1 ATM. This type of therapy works under Henry's law, which says that gases are diluted in liquids when they are under pressure.

HBOT is applied in the rehabilitation of muscle and postsurgical injuries, patients with stroke or neurological damage; ulcers, wounds or diabetic foot, migraines and fibromyalgia, among other pathologies.

Data of the center
Dr Mostafa Alaghory Medical Center
Beside Sidi Ades Gate after Train Station, Damanhour, Behira Governorate, Egypt.
Phones: +2 0100 126 9000, +2 045 335 666 4, +2 045 316 3063, +2 0100 307 2213