Italy continues to bet on Hyperbaric Medicine and opens a center in Livorno

March 7, 2022


1m 31s


Hyperbaric Livornese opened a new unit in Italy and made headlines for being the first hyperbaric chamber with the newest technology in Livorno City. The inauguration event was on Saturday, March 5, and was attended by renowned doctors from different regional hospitals and plenty of journalists.

Valerio Giorgi,co-owner of the center, expressed that  "he is very proud to be able to acquire a hyperbaric chamber for his hometown because he considers its an instrument of great value for his community."

During the interview, Giorgi not only emphasizes the chamber's comfort but also says the treatment “ is capable of making the difference” because of its exceptional results and he ensures that it will be accessible to everyone.

On the other hand, Domenico, a distributor in Italy, explains that hyperbaric oxygen therapy is a non-invasive and coadjuvant treatment that consists in supplying the patient, through a mask, high concentrations of oxygen in a pressurized environment at 1,45 atmospheres. The oxygen dissolves in blood plasma and the areas that were receiving oxygen inadequately start to receive it correctly. This process is called hyperoxia and produces different physiological effects in the body. Also, he mentions that not only it's a perfect treatment for people who has a pathology but also is for athletes because “ it has effects in fracture, stimulates collagen synthesis, improves oxidative stress and the inflammatory response, it has a Bactericidal activity and Increases cerebral blood flow which promotes neurological benefits.”

They also emphasize its flexible and portable design that makes the chamber easy to transport and install in medical centers or offices. Hyperbaric chambers with Revitalair 430F Technology distinguish in the market due to the capacity of reaching a pressure of 1,45 atmospheres, this pressure is very effective and therapeutically safe because it doesn´t produce excitability in nervous tissue. In addition, the chamber has 10 windows with a 360° view and a valvules system that can be operated inside the chamber for patients who suffer from claustrophobia. Reduced mobility isn't a contraindication to do the treatment because the chamber counts with a  removable stretcher and the patient can  enter without problems.”

Giorgi ends the interview by saying: “As a good livornese, the opportunity to bring this instrument to my city is a big pleasure to me.”