BioBarica at Exposanitá

August 14, 2017


1m 2s


From April 18th to 20th, BioBarica is in the Stand C60 of Exposanitá 2018, an event that presents the latest generation of services, products and solutions that companies and industry professionals study, design and innovate every day to make the administration of medical care more efficient and the process of attention of the person more effective. The fair is a great opportunity for business, knowledge and professional growth.

Exposanità, International Health Care Exhibition, is organized in 11 exhibiting areas and develops thematic focuses on topical issues that become the leitmotif for the creation of special initiatives.

Exposanità was born in 1982 with the aim to demonstrate that a trade fair event can also offer a service that can overcome the mere commercial orientation to become a meeting opportunity for all health professionals. The exhibition is a unique event in Italy, which outlines perspectives and scenarios for an effective and efficient healthcare system.

In over thirty years of activity, all the major issues on the national health system have been discussed here: economic and management aspects, relationship between health care and assistance, hospital engineering, purchasing procedures, technological innovation, organizational modernization. In these years we have also established very important partnerships with associations and bodies representing health care professionals.

2016 edition hosted 634 companies with more than 2,000 displayed products, showcased in an exhibition area of 25,470 sq.m. In addition to that, visitors had the opportunity to benefit from a rich conference program, with 235 workshops and congresses and over 600 hours of training with 830 involved speakers.