Biobarica-Medical Hyperbaric Solutions
Expanding Hyperbaric Treatment in the World
We are a network of centres and multidisciplinary professionals aiming to develop hyperbaric medicine with high quality standards in equipment and services around the world.


Biobarica is the global network of hyperbaric treatment centers. We are specialists in expanding the availability of high-quality hyperbaric oxygen therapy. We offer an adjuvant, safe and painless treatment that enhances the effect of conventional therapies, accelerates rehabilitation times, promotes wound healing, and reduces pain. In addition, we have international certifications that guarantee our medical devices and their effectiveness.

We have more than 80 care centers in more than 30 countries around the world, and each one has a team of doctors and health professionals committed to helping you recover and improve your quality of life.


To be the leading specialist in Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy with the largest Treatment Center Network in the world.


Promote and communicate Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy to healthcare professionals so that patients can benefit from a highly efficient, safe, and non-invasive treatment.