Univida: Innovating and Expanding Hyperbaric Medicine

June 14, 2023


1m 49s


Univida opens a new center in Miami and installs a Hyperbaric Medicine Unit with internationally renowned technology.


Biobarica Hyperbaric Solutions is the world's leading manufacturer of medium-pressure hyperbaric chambers. Our extensive presence in more than 40 countries has allowed more than 700,000 patients to receive an effective, safe and non-invasive therapeutic treatment. Our Hyperbaric Treatment System, unique in the market, offers centers and institutions an integrated and cost-effective service to enhance their professional practice.


The Revitalair 430+ hyperbaric chamber has been certified as medical equipment by recognized international health organizations, including the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), CE and ANMAT, ensuring compliance with the highest quality standards worldwide. This chamber stands out for its unique features, making it the largest and most versatile monoplace hyperbaric chamber in its class. Its design facilitates its transport, installation and operation in any office or medical center that meets the necessary requirements for this activity.


Thanks to its successful expansion in the United States, hyperbaric oxygen therapy has become a sought-after option for both healthcare professionals and patients. With the goal of offering innovative medical treatments, Ivan Herrera and Luis Castro, CEO and COO of the Univida Network, in collaboration with Medical Director Dr. Orlando Rodriguez, who is at the forefront of medical treatments, made the decision to incorporate hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) into their network of care centers.


In this context, the Unibarica alliance was born, a collaboration between two companies dedicated to health and medical innovation. This innovative approach to health services in South Florida has as its main objective to expand the accessibility to medium-pressure hyperbaric treatment, through the use of Revitalair 430+ hyperbaric chambers. It also seeks to offer high-quality therapies through cutting-edge medical devices, thus guaranteeing advanced and innovative care.


The Hyperbaric Treatment System offered by Biobarica includes the Revitalair 430+ hyperbaric chamber, medical, technical and operational training for the entire medical team, 24hs support and online management software (BGS) that allows you to manage the hyperbaric unit in real-time. The Biobarica Management System has a wide variety of tools and advertising materials that will help you enhance your center, as well as a scientific library and a monitoring system that will provide you with a detailed report of use, sessions performed and equipment operation alerts in real-time.


Ali Yasells, in charge of Unibarica's hyperbaric medicine unit, pointed out that more and more patients are coming to learn about the benefits of the treatment, and those who have already started hyperbaric therapy, have experienced significant improvements in their quality of life from the first session. Currently, work is underway to expand the chamber room to be able to receive all patients who require therapy.