More than a Hyperbaric Chamber, an integrated system.

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More than a Hyperbaric Chamber, an integrated system

Unique closure
It has a zipperless closure system. It can be opened from the inside thanks to its relief valves.
Removable stretcher
Includes a removable stretcher that facilitates the entry of patients with reduced mobility.
10 windows
Provides 360° vision so that the professional can monitor the patient and the patient can see outside at all times.
Spaciousness and quality
Revitalair® 430 is the largest and most versatile single-seat hyperbaric chamber on the market with high-quality materials.
Dual operation
It has two dual-operated relief valves and two dual-operated drain valves. It allows the professional to regulate them from the outside, or the patient to operate them internally.
Support table
The Chamber includes a support table for easy and stable patient support.
Easy installation
It is easy to transport, install and operate in any office or healthcare facility.
Fast pressurization
Pressurization and depressurization are the fastest on the market and are completed in only 5 minutes.
Support and comfort
It has internal supports, hypoallergenic mattress and pillows that guarantee patient comfort.


Our Hyperbaric Chambers are certified as a medical device worldwide.

Physiological Effects

The Hyperbaric Chamber produces strong hyperoxia that generates different benefits for the organism.

Repair of peripheral neuronal fibers
Oxygen promotes nervous system plasticity.
Hyperoxia stimulates and promotes the formation of small blood vessels, thus improving perfusion.
Collagen synthesis stimulation
Hyperoxia induces proline hydroxylation and fibroblast proliferation. Thus, it promotes collagen synthesis, which is essential for wound healing and tissue repair.
Bactericidal activity
Hyperoxia generates reactive oxygen species that increase the activity of antibiotics. It is also active against bacterial biofilm.
Regulation of oxidative stress and inflammatory response
Hyperoxia acts on regulators and mediators of the inflammatory response and decreases oxidative stress. This results in an anti-inflammatory effect and decreases cell damage.
Increases cerebral blood flow and neuroprotection
It improves perfusion thanks to the formation of new vessels and cerebral oxygenation, decreases edema and inflammation of the central nervous system.
Hyperoxia stimulates the differentiation of bone-forming cells, promotes osteogenesis and bone repair.
Decreases ischemia-reperfusion damage
It improves tissue microcirculation, decreases the production of reactive oxygen species and increases their degradation by stimulating the expression of antioxidant enzymes.
Analgesic effect
It has an analgesic effect in pathologies with nociceptive and neuropathic components, through tissue repair, recovery of functionality and reduction of inflammation.

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