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Hyperbaric Chamber
Revitalair® 430
Safe, efficient and easy to operate
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Online management system

The Biobarica Global System (BGS) is an exclusive software of our network. You will acquire a variety of tools to empower your medical center or institution.

It's not just a hyperbaric chamber.
It is a fully integrated system.
Appointment system
You will be able to assign appointments for consultations and hyperbaric chamber sessions online.
CRM for patients
You will keep organized and efficient control of the patient process for scheduling a consultation or session.
You will be able to assign telemedicine appointments to call your patients and advise them from a distance.
Statistics of the episodes treated in all the centers of the network.
Medical, scientific, technical, and commercial training.
Real-time monitoring system of the use of hyperbaric chambers.
You will have videos, images, and content to use in your office or medical institution.
You will have access to a wide variety of bibliography on Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy and different medical specialties.
The latest news, applications, and advances in Hyperbaric Medicine will be reported.


Our Hyperbaric Chambers are certified as a medical device worldwide.

Physiological effects

The hyperbaric chamber produces strong hyperoxia that generates different benefits for the organism.
Repair of peripheral neuronal fibres
Oxygen promotes plasticity of the nervous system.
Hyperoxia supports the formation of small blood vessels, and promotes perfusion.
Stimulation of collagen synthesis
Hyperoxia induces the hydroxylation of proline and the proliferation of fibroblasts. It favors the collagen synthesis, that is fundamental for the wound healing process.
Bactericidal activity
Hyperoxia generates reactive oxygen species that increase the activity of antibiotics and act against bacterial biofilm.
Regulation of oxidative stress and the inflammatory response
Hyperoxia acts on regulators and mediators of the inflammatory response and decreases oxidative stress, so it has anti-inflammatory effects and decreases cellular damage.
Increases cerebral blood flow and neuroprotection
Improves perfusion thanks to the formation of new vessels and cerebral oxygenation decreases edema and inflammation of the central nervous system.
Hyperoxia promotes the differentiation of bone-forming cells and promotes osteogenesis and bone repair.
Reduction of ischemia-reperfusion damage
Improves tissue microcirculation, decreases the production of reactive oxygen species, and increases their degradation through stimulation in the expression of antioxidant enzymes.
Analgesic effect
It has an analgesic effect in pathologies with nociceptive and neuropathic components, through tissue repair, recovery of function, and decrease of inflammation.


Hyperbaric Oxygen corrects the hypoxic condition, which is beneficial for multiple pathologies:


Hyperbaric Oxygen corrects the hypoxic condition, which is beneficial for multiple pathologies:

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