With the arrival of the coldest time of the year, the symptoms of rheumatic diseases can increase, especially in the case of arthritis. Although the weather does not cause or worsen the disease, it does influence the general condition of the patient. Cold and humidity affect the joints, because they tend to increase stiffness and pain. The same happens when the atmospheric pressure is very low.


What can you do?

One of the most drastic options is to move to an area with warm, dry weather, but it is not that easy. The variant is to spend small seasons at these sites to make “dry climate cures”, which deflate the tissues and decrease the pain.

It is important to maintain a constant body temperature, because abrupt changes can make symptoms worse.

Doing moderate exercise and taking 20 minutes of sun daily can moderate the symptoms. Arthritis worsens with rest, so staying active is critical. Walking or biking can be good allies.

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