Why is hyperbaric oxygenation treatment beneficial for patients with arthritis or osteoarthritis?

It is common to confuse arthritis and osteoarthritis and although both are pathologies that cause pain in the joints and affect the quality of life, they have some differences. Both arthritis and osteoarthritis share a risk factor: excess weight.

Arthritis is the inflammation of the joints. The biggest difference between arthritis and osteoarthritis is that arthritis can be caused by other non-degenerative diseases, such as infections, trauma or autoimmune diseases.

On the other hand, osteoarthritis (also known as osteoarthritis) is related to the aging of the joints. It can occur in both sexes, but in women it usually appears earlier (45) than in men (60). Obesity increases the risk of suffering osteoarthritis four times.

What are the differences between arthritis and osteoarthritis?

1) Arthritis has various causes (autoimmune disease, infection, trauma), while osteoarthritis is caused by aging and cartilage wear.

2) If it is due to an external factor, such as an infection, the arthritis disappears when the disease disappears. Osteoarthritis is a degenerative disease.

What are their similarities?

Although its origin is different, the consequences are very similar: decreased range of motion of the joints, rigidity (especially morning when the disease begins) and pain.

The treatment in the case of arthritis will depend on its origin, but it focuses on improving the patient’s condition. In the case of osteoarthritis, there is no cure, as it is degenerative, but it can try to reduce pain.

In both cases, regular physical exercise is important. Physical activity in patients with arthritis and osteoarthritis can help delay the aging of cartilage and joint pain, increase muscle strength and bone density, improve the range of joint mobility, decrease depression and improve the state of cheer up.

How does the hyperbaric oxygenation treatment contribute?

Hyperbaric oxygenation for the treatment of arthritis or osteoarthritis is very efficient in reducing joint pain and inflammation, because the increased arrival of oxygen to joint and tendon tissues produces rapid inflammation and repair, promoting recovery and mobility. It also helps the immune system. Among its benefits:

  • Provides more oxygen to the joint tissues
  • It has anti-inflammatory effects
  • Promotes recovery and mobility
  • Help the immune system

How is the treatment?

The patient enters the pressurized hyperbaric chamber where he receives pure oxygen at a pressure higher than normal atmospheric pressure. No other drug or drug is provided. It is a safe and non-invasive treatment. The number of sessions and their duration should be indicated by a doctor.



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