How it works

How it works?

Hyperbaric Oxygen treatment is a safe and non-invasive treatment based on supplying pressurized oxygen by means of a Hyperbaric Chamber at 1,4 atmospheres (ATM), above normal ambient atmospheric pressure of 1 ATM. The increase in oxygen availability produces beneficial effects in the organism.
Its working principle is Henry’s law, which states that “”””gases are diluted in liquids when they are under pressure””””, and we understand how a hyperbaric chamber works by observing a bottle of sparkling mineral water. In a bottle that is closed and under pressure, there are no bubbles. Under those circumstances, the water is at 1.1 atmospheres of pressure (ATM), making the gas dilute in the pressurized water as stated in Henry’s law. When opening the bottle, the bubbles will appear due to the lack of pressure. Our blood is liquid and the hyperbaric chamber is like a container where we enter, and its pressure is set at 1,4 ATM. This way, breathing oxygen, we dilute the gas in our blood, increasing the O2 in our tissues several times, thus causing a significant Hyperoxia and its vast chain of benefits.