Hyperbaric medicine and how it helps the recovery of high-performance athletes.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) is proven to help treat many cases relating to Sports Medicine. It is implemented by many athletes from various disciplines including tennis, soccer, boxing and swimming, among others. Its application is simple, noninvasive, and adverse effects are virtually nonexistent.

How does HBOT help in high-performance athletes?

Post-workout recovery: After intense exercise, either competitive or training, treatment with hyperbaric oxygenation allows the athlete to recover quickly. This will allow the athlete to be ready for a competition or get back to training in less time and in better condition.

Post traumatic treatment: it can be critical for the recovery process and preventing tissue damage.

Recovery from Injury: HBOT can significantly reduce the time of rehabilitation for ligament, bone, joint and muscle injuries. This means that the athlete can return to their activity in a shorter period of time.

Post-surgical recovery: HBOT stimulates helps and accelerates all healing processes and wound repair.

In addition, hyperbaric oxygen is proven to help treat headaches and inflammatory digestive disorders, as well as assist in obtaining faster recovery in cases of jet lag. It also decreases symptoms related to depression, anger, sadness, or fatigue, which can affect the efficiency of a high-performance athlete.


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