Hyperbaric chamber and rehabilitation

We refer to rehabilitation at the stage of the care process aimed at the aftermath of a disease or trauma that causes dysfunction and disability. The purpose is to restore social, labor and integral functionality.

After an injury, illness or serious surgery, the recovery may be slow and you may need to regain strength and re-enact the daily skills that were done before.

Rehabilitation usually focuses on:

  • Help strengthen.
  • Recover physical condition
  • As an occupational therapy, it helps with daily activities
  • Pain treatment
  • Regain mobility

The type of treatment and the goals that are expected to be achieved may vary in different people. Therefore, performing sessions of hyperbaric chamber helps to achieve greater recovery in the shortest time possible, facilitating the incorporation into daily life more quickly and accelerating the rehabilitation processes in injuries such as ligaments, bones, joints or muscles.

Benefits of the Hyperbaric Chamber:

  • Increases oxygenation in all tissues, even those damaged
  • Accelerates the cells that produce collagen
  • Has anti-inflammatory effect from vasoconstriction After several sessions of hyperbaric oxygen therapy, the result will be large amounts of oxygen bound to hemoglobin, and in turn large amounts of oxygen diluted in all tissues, including bone tissues, cartilage, ligaments, skin and soft tissues.

The presence of high amounts of oxygen will facilitate the cellular processes dependent on oxygen that are essential in the formation of new tissues, healing and resolution of general injuries.

Collagen synthesis, neoangiogenesis and osteogenesis are processes provided by the action of HBOT.

Therefore, this therapy is an excellent tool that adds efficacy to conventional treatment for osteoligamentous injuries, increasing the patient’s chances of recovering.

Source: http://medicina-hiperbarica-hospitales.es/patologias/rehabilitacion/

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