The hyperbaric chambers used in BioBarica are designed to withstand high pressures and provide patients with effective and safe treatment. They reach a pressure of 1.4 ATM, necessary to accelerate the recovery process in a large number of pathologies.

The hyperbaric oxygenation treatment supplies oxygen at atmospheric pressure higher than normal atmospheric pressure. In this way, the availability of oxygen in the blood plasma increases and physiological processes very beneficial to health are triggered.

Revitalair hyperbaric chambers are used in all BioBarica centers. It is a product of excellence and reliability, since both the components of the camera and its manufacture are framed within quality standards controlled and certified by national and international standards. The closing system is aeronautical aluminum and, due to its design, tolerates much higher pressures. The flexible fabric and windows are also designed and tested for frequent use and to withstand high pressures, and it has a quadruple safety system to avoid any inconvenience due to user failure or misuse. In addition, by its measures (90 cm in diameter by 1.85 in length), it is one of the largest individual hyperbaric chambers on the market, which guarantees patient comfort.

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