BioBárica uses Revitalair chambers manufactured by OXAVITA SRL.
This hyperbaric chambers are very safe. They are designed to withstand high pressures and all of its components are sized for the suggested applications.
It has a quadruple safety system that acts sequentially to avoid any failure or wrong operation of the user.

It has 2 exhaust valves that are factory regulated to 1.40 ATA located on the chamber. If the first one fails, the second one will work.

If for any reason these become clogged or poorly handled, it has a relief valve calibrated and certified inside the compressor cabinet that will act if the 2 main valves did not.

Lastly, if these three systems suffer any damage, the compressors are regulated to turn off at a pressure well below the tested.

The closure system is made of aeronautic aluminum and has a design that can withstand pressures several times higher than the normal working pressure of a Revitalair Chamber. The flexible fabric and the windows are designed and tested for frequent use and overpressures that could not be reached by the equipment compression system.

All the chamber parts and their production are under controlled and certified quality standards, which ensure a uniform product and in perfect operating conditions.


The hyperbaric chambers used by BioBárica are manufactured by OXAVITA SRL.

OXAVITA SRL markets the hyperbaric chambers and supports our clients in Argentina. Worldwide, they are marketed and supported by their local authorized dealer.

All the product are guaranteed for the term of 1 (one) year. This warranty adapts to the terms of use included in the user manual.

The locking system has a lifetime warranty against malfunctions.

In case of having acquired the extended warranty, this will be adjusted to the terms and conditions of it.

To request the technical service, please write to [email protected]