Hyperbaric Chamber

Revitalair 430 Chamber

The Revitalair 430 Chamber – flexible and foldable – is the result of new technologies and designs from materials and components that facilitate its use. It basically consists of 2 parts, the cabin or chamber itself and the compression system or compressor cabinet. The cabin is characterized by its exclusive Patented Aluminum Ring system (Pat. Pend. Nº P-20090105187).

These are attached to a specially designed high-strength waterproof fabric, forming a 900 mm in diameter cylinder and 1850 mm long.

These measures are among the largest in the market, resulting in range and comfort for the user.


Treatment with additional oxygen

Revitalair Chambers come equipped with an auxiliary input for additional oxygen supply if indicated by your doctor. If the indication requires treatment with enriched or additional Oxygen, either supplied by a concentrator or external tube, it is not convenient to enter the chamber with electric elements or electronics, you should not enter with elements that could generate sparks, metallic materials, or footwear. By using additional Oxygen in the treatment, the environment could be saturated by Oxygen and the elements inside elevate their combustibility grade, extreme caution should be taken not to generate sparks.

However, in treatments with mask and up to 10 liters per minute, Revitalair chambers have a continuous interior air replacement system that allows the internal O2 concentration not to exceed internationally standardized safety limits.


  • Cabin working pressure: 1.4 ATM = 5.8 PSI.
  • Contained air volume at 1 ATM: 1.25 mts3.
  • 2-unit compressor: 220-240v. – 4.5 amp.
  • Est. air volume 120 liters x minute.
  • Air Filter for 5 micron particles
  • Cabin weight: approx.. 28 kgs.
  • Compressor cabinet weight: approx.. 26 kgs.
  • Cabin Diameter: 900mm.
  • Cabin length: 1850mm – Inflamed 1970mm.
  • Foldable and easily transportable.
  • User operated without assistance.