BioBarica Global System

BioBarica Global System

BioBarica Global System (BGS) provides a dynamic tool to disseminate our know-how, maintaining permanent contact with the members of our network and making available the necessary information for each operator. This way sharing professional activity growth and facilitates the success of each treatment center.


A database integrated to the Global System to build an automated protocol. Hipermed provides a statistic of the indications utilized in all the network, it feeds from the treatment results of each pathology at each center.


The distributor and licensee communication channel to request materials, services, and consulting. The ticket method streamlines communication with any request.


A database to manage the relationship of the centers with referring doctors and the medical community in general.


The most relevant news regarding hyperbaric oxygen treatment and medical and health information dissemination. Publications resulting from BioBarica network activities.


To maintain the efficiency and high quality, the Revitalair® hyperbaric chamber requires that the operator comply with the Revitalair® maintenance guidelines. BGS will assist you and notify you of the necessary periodic tasks.


Medical, commercial and technical material needed to operate and develop a center.