Treatment action mechanism

The patient enters the pressurized Hyperbaric Chamber
High concentrations of oxygen are breathed through a mask
The amount of oxygen in the blood is increased
Oxygen reaches the affected tissues
It produces a variety of benefits for the organism


Hyperbaric Oxygenation Treatment triggers strong hyperoxia. This means that it significantly increases the availability of oxygen in the blood plasma. This is essential for the recovery of different pathologies where oxygen does not correctly reach the brain, cartilage, bones, and tissues.


Due to its therapeutic physiological effects, Hyperbaric Oxygenation Treatment is indicated for all pathologies with pain and inflammation, to speed up rehabilitation times and promote wound healing.

Physiological Effects of hyperoxia

Decreases inflammation and pain
Prevents and treats infections
Accelerates recovery from injuries
Promotes wound and burn healing
Complements neurological rehabilitation
Improves quality of life
Typical Session
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