Hyperbaric Treatment Centers
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Hyperbaric Treatment Centers
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Learn more about the applications of Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment in:

Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatments Centers

Biobarica is the largest global network of Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment Centers. We have more than 80 locations in more than 30 countries.
We provide an adjuvant therapy that enhances the effectiveness of conventional treatments, accelerates recovery and rehabilitation times, promotes wound healing, and reduces pain. Treatment in our Hyperbaric Chambers is safe, efficient, and high-quality.

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Thanks to its therapeutic physiological effects, Hyperbaric Oxygenation Treatment is indicated for:

It has an analgesic effect, reduces inflammation, and relieves neuropathic pain.

It promotes healing, prevents and treats infections, reduces amputations, and increases the chances of treatment success.

Immproves neurological recovery, improves sensory function, reduces pain and inflammation, and accelerates rehabilitation times.


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