From its beginnings, the hyperbaric chambers were pressurized with pure oxygen, due to the technical and operative possibilities. These were large medical devices that could not be moved and were difficult to manipulate.

In addition, patients were forbidden to enter with cotton clothing, rings, chains or watches. They even had to moisten their hair in order to avoid generating a micro sparks that could start a combustion facilitated by the saturation of Oxygen in the environment.

The NFPA (National Association of Fire Protection) of the United States specifies that an environment becomes dangerous when exceeding 23.5% O2 saturation. For this reason, strict safety standards are required both inside and outside the chamber.

Today, thanks to progress in technology, it is possible to pressurize an hyperbaric chamber with clean air and supply oxygen through a mask, with the same results.

Revitalair 430 chambers pressurize with ambient air at 21% O2. The patient breathes oxygen in high concentrations through a mask and achieves the same level of hyperoxia. This allows the patient to enter with his usual clothes and even with electronic devices with absolute security.

The O2 inspired by the patient is usually transported by the hemoglobin. According to Dalton’s physical law, Oxygen inspired in a hyperbaric environment multiplies, diluting in the blood plasma and generating the strong hyperoxia that provides ample benefits to accelerate the recovery of diverse pathologies.

This technology, in addition to being safer and providing greater comfort for the patient, means lower operating cost for the healthcare institution.

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