The hyperbaric medicine has more than 350 years of history, although its formal application is more recent.

But, what is the hyperbaric medicine?

It is a medical specialty that treats many diseases through Hyperbaric Oxygenation, a therapy that is based on obtaining elevated partial pressures of Oxygen, by breathing pure oxygen inside the hyperbaric chamber, at a higher pressure than the normal atmospheric pressure.

In 1662, prior to the discovery of Oxygen, a British doctor named Henshaw documented that increasing air pressure could relieve some acute injuries, while lower pressures could help in chronic conditions. According to this theory, Henshaw built a chamber hyper and hypobaric. Today we know that chamber did not modify the pressure so much, but was the firs chamber, according the documents.

In 20th Century, a professor of Kansas University, Orville J.Cunninghan, used the elevated partial pressure of oxygen to treat hypoxic conditions and observed that patients with heart conditions and circulatory disorders that felt bad living in the mountains, felt better at sea level.  So, he considered that increasing the pressure could be beneficial to this people.

Modern times

Was in 1960 when a person with gas grangrene was treated with success in hyperbaric chamber. In that time, many professionals used the Hyperbaric Oxygen to revitalize skin grafts, complicated broken bones and frostbite cases.

Currently, there is a lot of scientist documentation that endorse the therapeutical efficacy of HBOT in many deseases and the medical centers increase around the world. BioBarica has hyperbaric treatment centers in almost 20 countries, like Spain, Chile, Mexico, South Africa and Portugal.


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