BioBarica Spain in Oncodolor

On Thursday 20 and Friday 21 October, BioBarica Spain will be attending the 1st National Congress of Pain and Cancer organized by Spanish Society for Radiation Oncology (SFOR) in Madrid City. The Congress will gather health professionals from different specialties in order to promote the knowledge generated by research in this field and exchange experiences in clinical practice for treating

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At the Congress of Phlebology

On October 20th, BioBárica will be attending the 5th International Interuniversity Congress on Advances in Phlebology, Lymphology and Aesthetics. The Congress will be held at the Intercontinental Hotel in Buenos Aires City. There, Dr. Mariana Cannellotto, BioBárica Medical Director, will give a conference about the Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) and its positive effects in the treatment of circulatory disorders.  


(Español) Se inauguró una cámara hiperbárica en Comodoro Rivadavia

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James Rodríguez in BioBarica

James Rodríguez, midfielder for the Real Madrid and Colombian national football team, is receiving treatment with the hyperbaric chamber to speed his recovery. The medical team works hard to have the player ready for the football game with Uruguay on October 11th. The athlete began his therapy in Madrid and continued in Paraguay. This is not the first time a

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BioBarica in the Second Conference of Regenerative Therapies AATD

On 23 and 24th of September, the Argentine Association of Sports Traumatology organized the Second Conference on Regenerative Therapies, with the aim of promoting the current scientific knowledge related to the regeneration of injured tissues during sports. In this context, Dr. Mariana Cannellotto, BioBarica Medical Director, spoke about the role of the hyperbaric chamber in the recovery of muscle injuries.

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BioBárica leads in Spain

The consolidation of a global network of Hyperbaric Oxygenation Treatment in Spain is a fact. More and more hospitals and clinics have it in order to give a complementary therapy, non-invasive and without side effects to their patients in order to improve their quality of life. “Thanks to the hyperbaric medicine we can now stimulate tissue regeneration and wound repair,

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