– It is a non-invasive treatment, safe and well tolerated by patients.

– Requires minimal infrastructure.

– Revitalair 430 hyperbaric chambers are certified by national and international organizations.

– It is a medical device of easy installation and manipulation.

– Transporting our hyperbaric chambers is easy and its size optimizes the physical space.

– It has the assistance of the BGS, an interactive tool that offers constant training.

– Support from the area of clinical research and development.

At BioBarica we are specialists in providing Hyperbaric Oxygenation Treatments (HBOT). The HBOT produces hyperoxia, this is a high availability of oxygen in the blood, which generates a wide variety of physiological effects for the body, including angiogenesis, vasoconstriction, stimulation of collagen synthesis and cellular immunity; Neuroprotection, osteogenesis and cellular immune response to infections. For these and other benefits, TOHB contributes to the recovery of multiple pathologies and provides physicians with added value in indicating non-invasive, safe and well tolerated treatment for patients.

Our network of centers always has the presence of a medical professional that is attentive to the needs of each patient and uses Revitalair 430 hyperbaric chambers. Installing a Revitalair 430 hyperbaric chamber is simple, these chambers are easy to transport and operate. The Hyperbaric Medicine Unit can operate in both clinics and hospitals as well as a doctor’s office or other physical space that complies with local regulations according to health-related activities. Operators and professionals have access to the BioBarica Global System (BGS), an interactive tool that provides up-to-date information and continuous training to facilitate their work and maintain a fluid contact with all network members.



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