A hyperbaric chamber is a medical device used to perform oxygen therapies at a pressure greater than normal atmospheric pressure. In BioBarica we use Revitalair430® chambers, which operate at 1.4 ATMs and diffuse oxygen to body tissues efficiently.  The Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society (UHMS) defines hyperbaric oxygenation from 1.4ATM.

Unlike a rigid chamber – which reaches 3ATM, weighs more than one ton and treats 100% of pathologies – Revitalair chambers are easy to handle and transport because they weigh only 54 kilos. In addition, they treat 95% of the pathologies. This fact is relevant considering that the low pressure chambers reaching 1.3ATM treat less than 30% of possible pathologies.

It is important to note that high pressure chambers can be operated only by a specialised technician and require important safety measures, while our hyperbaric chambers can be easily manipulated by the user, assembled in a short time and are easy to clean and maintain.

The Revitalair chambers have a removable stretcher to facilitate the access of the elderly or disabled and are complemented with a compressor that introduces the filtered air into the cabin to achieve the treatment pressure. It is an extremely safe product.

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