HBOT is a safe and non-invasive therapy

Several scientific studies suggest that the application of hyperbaric chamber improves some of the disorders that children with autism suffer, mainly due to the increase of blood flow to the brain and the greater arrival of oxygen to all tissues of the body. Some authors point out that in the brain of children with ASD there is a lower level of blood flow.

It is a safe and non-invasive therapy. The patient enters a hyperbaric chamber where air and oxygen are supplied under pressure. In this way, the oxygen level in the tissues rises and, as a consequence of this hyperoxia, a great number of benefits are triggered.

Among the changes that have been noticed in patients with autism after hyperbaric treatment sessions, we can enumerate:

– Significant progress in attentiveness and socialization

– Better connection with family and environment

– Strengthening of muscle tone

– Increased immune system

– Reduction of oxidative stress

These effects vary on each patient because everything depends on each particular case. It is important to clarify that treatment with hyperbaric oxygenation is not a cure or acts as a remedy. More sessions, better results. The duration and frequency of the sessions should be indicated by specialists to obtain the maximum efficiency in a treatment.

The entry of a child with autism into the chamber may be difficult sometimes, but the hyperbaric chamber used in BioBarica allows children to enter with an adult to feel more secure, with a book or notebook to draw and even with a mobile device for fun.


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