5 Facts of Hyperbaric Chamber Treatment

Hyperbaric Oxygenation Therapy (HBOT) is a treatment that contributes to the reduction, rehabilitation or reversal of symptoms of a large number of pathologies. Hyperbaric medicine has more than 200 years of history, although the equipment used to make this therapy effective is modern and meets high quality standards endorsed by international certifications.

These are five irrefutable truths about the positive effects of HBOT in the body.

  1. It is a non-invasive method: in the hyperbaric chamber oxygen is breathed in high concentrations at a higher atmospheric pressure than the ambient one. This has no adverse effects to the body. In addition, sessions in the hyperbaric chamber should be relaxing and comfortable for the patient.
  2. Raises Oxygen several times in the tissues: this is called Hyperoxia and produces a long chain of physiological effects in the body.
  3. Increases blood supply to the brain: Oxygen reaches the brain and also cartilage, bone and tissues that do not receive it properly.
  4. It has antibacterial effects: The high level of oxygen in the blood increases the bactericidal activity of the white blood cells.
  5. It stimulates bone repair: Hyperbaric oxygen is essential in the repair of injuries and increases the blood perfusion of the bone favoring osteogenesis.

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